Selling Your Brand with the Right Images

An image I captured of the bright, colorful and inviting indoor bar at “Parallel Wine & Whiskey Bar

It’s time to renovate your kitchen!  It’s going to cost you a small fortune so you want to make sure you have the right person for the job.  You go online and find “Joe Schmo’s Fabulous Kitchen Renos”.  When you dig deeper into his website you see some really great pictures of Joe who has a very nice smile and seems to be friendly and trustworthy.  You also see pictures of the building in which his business is located, Joe shaking hands with a customer and even a closeup shot of Joe holding a hammer and standing in what looks like a kitchen … and there’s that friendly smile once again!

Are you going to choose Joe for the job based on these images?  I certainly hope not!  You’ll want to see images of the kitchen renovations he’s done!

Say you own a hair salon.  What should be hanging on your walls?  Gorgeous paintings of the rolling hills in Italy?  Or beautifully matted and framed prints of your loyal clients who had their hair cut and styled by your very own hairdressers?!

If you’re a business owner, whether it’s a hair salon, tattoo parlor, gym, or wine and whiskey bar, you need images on your website that distinguish your brand from any other, showcases your work, and/or highlights your product.  I help my business website clients attract potential patrons to their business with striking images that evoke the ideals that they want associated with their brand.

Just got engaged?  Want to send out announcements to family and friends?  If you’re the type of person who enjoys city life, we won’t be photographing your session in the woods!  I scout out the perfect urban location as a backdrop, I help with wardrobe selections and I guide the happy couple with fun poses that together expose their true style and personalty (ie: “brand”!).  This type of “branding” will help cultivate excitement and give family and friends a joyful and emotional attachment for the big event!

Whatever your style, whatever your brand, whatever you’re selling or announcing, dynamic images should tell a story, awaken ideas, provide description and leave an inviting and lasting impression.

And yes… If Joe Schmo was actually a realtor, you would want to see his really nice smile on his business card because that smile tells you he could sell an igloo to an eskimo!

Here’s an image I captured two years ago that was recently published on Visit Loudoun’s blog featuring “Perfect Patios in Loudoun County“. Makes you want to sit on the patio and sip a Bloody Mary, eh?

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