It’s all in the Name

its all in a name
“Nugget” and Wendy Stuart Kaplan, author of “She’s the Last Model Standing”, available on Amazon.

Why name my photography business “Tine’s Captured Moments”? Well for me, I think it does a fine job defining who I am and what I love to do.

Growing up, my baby brother had a tough time saying “Christine” and pronounced my name “Titine”. Family abbreviated it to Tine and that nickname came in handy when I was a Preschool Director and “Miss Christine” was a mouthful for the toddlers.  I’d been known as “Ms. Tine” for my 20 years in the education field, and “Tine” by my colleagues and close family.  But I’ll also answer to “Mom”, “Babe”, “Chris”, and whatever term of endearment my father chooses to call me on any given day.  So the name of my photography business came rather naturally since it included my name and my passion for capturing special moments for my clients.  (Getting people to pronounce Tine as “TEEN” is another story.  And take a look at my last name, yikes!)

Names in general are so very important.  A name is an identity and can explain a heritage, business, marital status, individuality, culture, and more.  The Chinese believe that a name greatly impacts one’s entire life.  Hindu families might use astrology to determine a newborn’s name and celebrate the occasion with elaborate and beautiful naming ceremonies.  I, on the other hand, named my son Kyle after the protagonist in the first Terminator movie.  Well… it sounded cool.

Infants seem to respond to their names before any other word because it’s a word or sound that they hear repeatedly.  However, by the time they’re 6 months old they’ve got more important things to do than look your way when you call their name.  So when photographing young children I use a variety of eye-catching sights and attention-grabbing sounds to capture their interest.

I have this cute little bunny rabbit stuffy that wraps around my lens cover and grabs a little one’s attention beautifully.  And squeaky toys aren’t just for our furry family pets.  The idea, however, is to have more than one squeaky or rattling sound, because both infants and pets will tire of that sound once they’ve figured out where it’s coming from.

Here’s a trick I use ALL the time when photographing family pets.  I learned this trick from my father who still to this day uses this technique when he comes upon strangers who are struggling to get the whole family and their pet in a selfie.  He offers to take the picture for them and asks one of them to whisper the family pet’s name in his ear.  When everyone is finished settling in for the photo and all human eyes are looking his way, my father calls “FIDO!” and POW!  There’s the shot with Fido’s ears up and eyes on the camera.  Be prepared though because that trick typically works only ONCE!  Then it’s time to get out the squeaky toys.

I’ll have more tips and tricks and tales like these to share as I continue my “Tine’s Tips & Tales” blog every other Tuesday!  Hey… ya know what?  I was just thinking… I’m glad my parents didn’t name me Michelle like they wanted to.  My blog title just wouldn’t have rolled off the tongue as well…

The joyous moment captured in this beautiful Hindi “baby naming ceremony”; when the father whispers the baby’s given name in her right ear.

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